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Create Business Virtual Cards

Privacy gives businesses more control and security over their payments. Create up to 60 virtual cards per month to manage all your spend, with 1% cashback on all eligible transactions.*

Get approved quickly - no minimum balances required. No credit pulls.

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Protect your financial info when making payments

Stop exposing your debit and credit card numbers. Privacy Cards mask your real card info and allow you to pay with an automatically generated, unique 16-digit virtual card number.

Each Privacy Card is generated for and locked to a specific merchant, so the card can't be used elsewhere if stolen, and you can pause, unpause, and close cards at any time.

Monitor and control your expenses

Privacy Virtual Cards give you more control over your corporate expenses with custom limits and settings. You can assign spending limits to prevent overcharging and hidden fees—perfect for managing recurring expenses. If a transaction exceeds the limit, we’ll automatically decline it.

Share secure expense cards with one click

Avoid reimbursing employees altogether. Easily share a secure Privacy Card with your employees to enable your team to make business transactions quickly and easily.

Stay on top of your finances with real-time notifications

Receive a notification via email and our app every time a transaction is made or declined, making it easy to proactively confirm when a payment has been completed.

Ensure you pay vendors on time and catch any suspicious spend immediately. See a charge you don't recognize on your virtual card? Reach out to our expert support team and, in the event of a fraudulent charge, we’ll manage the case on your behalf.


What is a virtual card and what is a Privacy Card?

A virtual card is a unique 16-digit card number with a CVV code and expiration date that can be generated instantly and used to make purchases online or over the phone. Think of it as a normal credit or debit card, but without the physical plastic card.

A Privacy Card is a virtual card that masks your actual payment information. By using a Privacy Card to check out, you can keep your true financial information private from merchants, malicious third parties, and fraudulent actors. Privacy Cards have additional security features that shield you from fraud and unwarranted transactions.

What’s the difference between Privacy Personal, Pro, and Teams?

The Personal plan is created for customers who need a virtual card payments solution for everyday transactions like online purchases and monthly subscriptions. Users connect a personal bank account or debit card to get started using Privacy.

Our paid plans are built with business owners in mind who need access to more virtual cards per month, cashback, and other premium features. In order to subscribe to Teams, users must have a business checking account.

What benefits are included in Privacy Pro and Privacy Teams?

Entrepreneurs and small businesses searching for a virtual card payments solution can leverage Privacy Teams. Businesses can access all of the benefits of Privacy Virtual Cards for their businesses’ online transactions and vendor payments. With Privacy Teams, business owners receive:

  • 1% cashback on eligible transactions up to $4,500 per month
  • Up to 60 cards a month (Merchant-Locked or Single Use Cards, with spend limit and pause controls)
  • Priority support
How do I get started with Privacy Teams?

To get started with Privacy Teams, we require some information about your business that you’ll be prompted to enter as part of our sign up process. This information is used for two things:

a) To verify that your business meets the card network, compliance, and other requirements of our banking partners

b) To verify that our Teams plan is the right one for you; for certain use cases, there may be another Privacy plan that is better suited for your needs

The Teams initial review can take 1-2 business days to complete. At any point in the onboarding process, please feel free to reach out with any questions to our Support Team at

Is Privacy safe to use?

The security of our customers’ personal information and data is critical to everything we do. Privacy is PCI-DSS compliant and is held to the same security standards as a bank. For more information, review our security policies.

Does using Privacy affect my credit score?

No. Privacy never conducts a credit pull, and does not report to any credit bureau. Using our Privacy Cards will not have any impact on your credit score, and Privacy Cards will not show up on your credit report. You can read more about this here.

Need more virtual cards?

Reach out to learn more about our card issuing API, Lithic, and learn why 100+ innovative companies use Lithic’s flexible infrastructure to power their card programs.