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Shop privately and securely with virtual cards that hide your real card info

  • Mask your payment info and pay without providing your actual card number
  • Block overcharging and unwanted subscriptions
  • Checkout faster with our extension that autofills secure card numbers
  • Set spend limits; pause, unpause, and close cards any time
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Mask Your Payment


Stop exposing your debit and credit card info. Privacy Cards mask your real card info and allow you to pay with automatically generated, unique virtual card numbers.

Each Privacy Card is generated for and locked to a specific merchant so the card can't be used elsewhere if stolen.

5412 7500 1582 8179
5412 7500 8712 4815
5412 7500 2941 6793
5412 7500 9642 3780
5412 7500 2056 7020
5412 7500 4730 9103
Subscription Payment
Subscription Payment
Payment Blocked

Block Unwanted


Ever jumped through hoops to cancel a subscription? With a Privacy Card, you don’t have to: close the virtual card, stop the payments, then cancel the subscription.

Privacy Cards also let you assign spending limits to prevent overcharging and hidden fees. If a transaction exceeds the limit, we’ll automatically decline it.

Check Out


Skip tracking down your purse or wallet and manually typing in card numbers.

Our browser extension will automatically enter a unique virtual card number, CVV, and expiration date for you at checkout in just two clicks.

UI Element
5412 7500 1234 5678
0 2 / 2 6
7 8 9
5412 7500 1234 5678
No Nickname
Spend Limit
No Limit
Create Card
Monthly Limit

Control Your


Track your transactions in our dashboard and receive real-time notifications every time a Privacy Card is used so nothing slips past your radar.

See a charge you don't recognize on your virtual card? Reach out to our expert support team and, in the event of a fraudulent charge, we’ll manage the case on your behalf.


What is a virtual card and what is a Privacy Card?

A virtual card is a unique 16-digit card number with a CVV code and expiration date that can be generated instantly and used to make purchases online or over the phone. Think of it as a normal credit or debit card, but without the physical plastic card.

A Privacy Card is a virtual card that masks your actual payment information. By using a Privacy Card to check out, you can keep your true financial information private from merchants, malicious third parties, and fraudulent actors. Privacy Cards have additional security features that shield you from fraud and unwarranted transactions.

Why should I use Privacy virtual cards over my debit card or credit card?

Privacy Cards automatically “lock” to the first merchant they’re used at and can never be used anywhere else if they’re stolen or compromised in a data breach. Privacy Cards can also be set for one-time use so they automatically close after a single transaction. These built-in protections have helped our users transact with confidence and save money that would have otherwise been lost in a security breach.

Privacy gives you greater control over your spending. You can customize spending limits on cards to track and maintain budgets at specific merchants and block hidden fees. If a transaction attempt goes over the limit, we automatically decline it. You can also easily pause, unpause, and close Privacy Cards at any time to manage subscriptions and avoid being overcharged. Privacy also makes it easy to share secure payment information with trusted friends, family members, or employees.

Why does Privacy need my personal information when I’m signing up?

Some personal information is required for a mandatory bank verification procedure called Know Your Customer (KYC) that must be conducted before our customers can start using our Privacy virtual cards. This verification process is required to comply with anti-money laundering laws and helps protect against fraud.

How is Privacy’s core product free to use?

Privacy is free to use because, like other card companies, we collect transaction fees called interchange from merchants. We don’t, and will never, sell our customers’ data.

Does using Privacy affect my credit score?

No. Privacy never conducts a credit pull. Using our Privacy Cards will not have any impact on your credit score, and Privacy Cards will not show up on your credit report. You can read more about this here.

Is Privacy safe to use?

The security of our customers’ personal information and data is critical to everything we do. Privacy is PCI-DSS compliant and is held to the same security standards as a bank. For more information, review our security policies.

Who can use Privacy and do you need a bank account?

Privacy is currently available to US citizens or legal residents with a checking account at a US bank or credit union, and who are 18+ years of age.

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Our core plan is free to use because, like other card companies, we collect transaction fees from merchants.*