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Verizon—Cancel the Service Effortlessly

Ashley Ferraro, Product
Dec 8, 2023
 Min Read
Manage Your Subscription Payments With Virtual Cards

Verizon is a telecommunications company named  #1 for Network Quality in numerous U.S. regions as per J.D. Power’s 2003–2023 studies. It offers various services, including Fios, a high-speed internet connection using fiber-optic technology, and a range of mobile phone plans to cater to different customer needs.

Like any business, Verizon is not without its shortcomings. Some of the most common issues customers list pertain to billing and customer service.

If you’re experiencing issues or have another reason you want to quit Verizon, cancel the service conveniently by referring to this article. In this guide, we’ll explain how to discontinue Verizon online and over the phone and complete the cancellation process as smoothly as possible.

Note that the content in this article is current as of November 2023. Visit the official Verizon website or contact support for the latest info.

A photo of a smartphone screen displaying Verizon’s logo
Source: Marques Thomas

How To Cancel Verizon Fios Online and Over the Phone

You can cancel your Verizon Fios services via phone or online support. The following table provides easy-to-follow instructions:

  1. Prepare your account information, such as your account PIN and Social Security number, as the support representative will likely ask for it.

  2. Call support at 1.844.837.2262, making sure to reach out during working hours (Monday to Friday, from 8 AM to 7 PM ET).

  1. Log into My Verizon.

  2. Select the option Chat with us (or tap the snowflake option in the My Verizon app).

  3. Type in “Cancel” in the Ask a question box.

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions for disconnecting a line or request to chat with a customer support agent.

If you rent equipment from Verizon, you’ll have to return it within 30 days of terminating the subscription. 

After initiating the cancellation process, you can log into My Verizon to view information such as:

  • Your order status
  • What to expect from your last bill
  • The status of pending refunds
  • Whether Verizon received the equipment you returned

Can You Cancel Verizon Anytime?

Yes, but if you’re under contract, you may have to pay an early termination fee. Verizon can charge you a maximum fee of $350, reduced by $15 with each month that passes. While you can cancel Verizon whenever you like, it may be better to wait until your contract expires.

If you’re not dissatisfied with Verizon but plan to move, travel, or modify your subscription, you might be able to avoid canceling the service. Provided you meet all the criteria, Verizon gives you the following options:

  1. Relocating your Verizon service
  2. Suspending your account for 30 days to nine months
  3. Making changes to your account and switching to a more suitable plan

How To Cancel a Phone Line on Verizon

If you’re moving your phone number to a different provider, you don’t need to do anything. Your Verizon account will close automatically after the new carrier activates the service.

In case you’re not transferring your phone number, you can disconnect your Verizon phone line by calling customer service or via online chat on the website or app. You can also go to the disconnect page in your My Verizon account to see whether you’re eligible to disconnect the line yourself.

Note that you’ll have to settle the balance before canceling the line, or it will appear on the following bill.

A photo of a Verizon building
Source: José Matute

Why You Should Use Virtual Cards To Purchase Your Subscriptions

Canceling subscriptions can sometimes be quite frustrating—you may complete the multi-step cancellation process only to be charged for the service again the next month. After a lengthy back-and-forth with support, you might find out you’ve forgotten to click on the final link, which was barely noticeable. Unfortunately, such situations are not uncommon. While most companies have reasonable cancellation procedures, others have made cancellations intentionally exhausting or deceptive to get you to remain subscribed for longer

To highlight the severity of the issue, the US government has recently gotten behind this consumer complaint. In March of 2023, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) proposed a “click to cancel” rule that would require merchants to make it easier for their customers to cancel subscriptions. While this rule may still be a long way to go, the situation is not hopeless—you can protect yourself from unwanted charges by using virtual cards to pay for your subscriptions.

When you use virtual cards to pay for subscription services such as Peloton, DashPass, or Spotify Premium, you mask your financial information with random card numbers, protecting it from potential hackers and unauthorized charges. Dedicated virtual card providers like Privacy give you additional card controls to help you manage your spending.

Privacy Virtual Cards—Your Ticket to Stress-Free Subscription Cancellation

Privacy is a virtual card service that puts you in charge of your transactions, securing them in case of fraud and unwarranted fees. 

Learn about the two types of Privacy Cards and their uses in the table below:

Card Type
How It Works
What It’s Ideal For
Single-Use Card
This card closes minutes after you complete the first transaction.
  • One-time purchases

  • Purchases on unfamiliar websites

Merchant-Locked Card
This card locks to the first vendor you use it at.
  • Websites you frequently shop on

  • Recurring payments and subscriptions

You can pause or close Merchant-Locked Cards and set spending limits on them without affecting the underlying funding source. Privacy will decline all charges on paused or closed cards and those that exceed the designated limit. These features are especially useful for managing subscriptions—pausing or closing the card prevents unexpected costs while the merchant processes your cancellation request and setting spending limits declines all charges that go over the agreed amount.

A photo of a person holding a payment card and typing on a laptop keyboard

Choose Privacy for More Security, Convenience, and Control 

As a Privacy user, you get access to the browser extension that auto-populates virtual card numbers at checkout, so you never have to memorize them. It’s available for desktops with Edge, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome browsers or on iPhones and iPads with Safari iOS. You can also generate and manage your virtual cards on the go with the Privacy mobile app for Android and iOS.

To get your Privacy Virtual Cards and enjoy their many benefits, you should:

  1. Sign up
  2. Fill out the mandatory details to verify your identity
  3. Link a debit card or bank account
  4. Request your virtual cards

The Personal plan, which is free for domestic purchases, includes 12 new virtual cards a month and all the above-listed features. You can opt for one of the paid plans, Pro ($10/month) and Premium ($25/month) if you need more cards and features such as fee-free foreign transactions.

Privacy Virtual Cards are accepted by most merchants and websites that accept U.S. Visa® or Mastercard® payments, including streaming platforms like Paramount Plus, HBO Max, and NFL Plus, and other well-known subscription services like Zoom, Chegg, Canva, and Audible.

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