Announcing our redesigned Privacy Extension for desktop!

Nick Nguyen, Product
Oct 25, 2023
 Min Read

In July, we launched our extension beta for Safari on macOS. Thanks to your support, we rose to the top of the Free Finance Apps on the macOS App Store and received helpful feedback on how we can make the extension better.

We’ve acted on your feedback and have been rolling out updates over the past few weeks. Today, we’re excited to announce our updated extension is now available across four desktop browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari!

Updates from our beta include:

  • An added Transactions view
  • Easier login
  • Increased compatibility with password managers
  • Fixed “match system theme” setting
  • Improved toast notifications
  • Improved Privacy icon placement in checkout fields
  • Other user-requested updates to UI

We hope you enjoy these updates! As always, we’re committed to improving our product to better serve you. Let us know what you think by reaching out to us at

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