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Learn How To Cancel Paramount Plus Successfully

Ashley Ferraro, Product
Dec 15, 2023
 Min Read
Take Back Control From Subscription Services

Paramount Plus is an online video streaming service catering to over 60 million users globally in 2023, with its reasonable cost and extensive library making it a popular choice among Star Trek and Showtime fans. However, there may come a point at which you no longer wish to use the service. For example, you may have experienced technical issues, can no longer find any content you like, or have become dissatisfied with the service overall. 

In this guide, you will find out how to cancel Paramount Plus, including what steps the cancellation process involves and what you can do to prevent unwarranted charges

Note that the information in this article is current as of November 2023. For updates and specific details, visit the official Paramount Plus website or contact a representative.

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How To Cancel a Paramount Plus Subscription Step-by-Step

If you’ve subscribed to Paramount Plus via the company’s website, you should:

  1. Visit the website and log in.
  2. Click on your username (located in the upper right corner).
  3. Select Account.
  4. Scroll down to find the Cancel subscription option.

In case you used any of the devices listed below to register, the cancellation process will involve different steps. The following sections will describe how to cancel a Paramount Plus subscription on:

  1. Android
  2. iPhone or iPad
  3. Apple TV
  4. Roku
  5. Fire TV
  6. Prime Video

How To Cancel Paramount Plus on Android

If you’ve signed up for Paramount Plus through the Google Play Store via an Android phone, tablet, or TV, uninstalling the app won’t affect the subscription—you must cancel it through Google Play Store’s support or by following the steps below. You’ll need a phone or a computer to complete the process that looks like this:

  1. Click on your Google account image, then go to Payments & Subscriptions and the Subscriptions tab. 
  2. Choose the Paramount Plus subscription you want to cancel.
  3. Click on Cancel subscription
  4. Follow the provided instructions.

How To Cancel Paramount Plus on an iPhone or iPad

You can contact Apple Support or cancel the Paramount Plus subscription yourself by completing these steps:

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap your name.
  3. Go to Subscriptions.
  4. If you can’t find the previous option, go to the App Store, tap your Apple ID, then View Apple ID, and log in. You should find the Subscription option below.
  5. Select Paramount Plus.
  6. Tap on Cancel Subscription, then Confirm.

How To Cancel Paramount Plus on Apple TV

If you’re an Apple TV (4th gen and up) user, the Paramount Plus cancellation process usually requires you to:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Users & Accounts and choose your account.
  3. Select the [account name] Subscriptions option.
  4. Find the Paramount Plus subscription and choose Cancel Subscription.
  5. Follow the instructions.

If you’ve subscribed to Paramount Plus through an Apple TV channel, you should contact Apple Customer Support to cancel.

A close-up photo of a remote pointed to a turned-on TV
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How To Cancel Paramount Plus on Roku

To stop the subscription to Paramount Plus on Roku, you should take these four steps:

  1. Visit the home screen of your Roku device.
  2. Select the Paramount Plus channel.
  3. Press the asterisk button on your Roku remote.
  4. Select Manage Subscription, then Cancel Subscription.

How To Cancel Paramount Plus on Fire TV and Prime Video

If you’ve signed up for Paramount Plus via Amazon, Prime Video, or Fire TV, you can discontinue the subscription as follows:

  1. Log into your Amazon profile and select Your Memberships and Subscriptions.
  2. Choose the Manage Subscription option next to the service you want to unsubscribe from.
  3. Visit the link under Manage Your Prime Video Channels
  4. Find the subscription you want to cancel under the Prime Video Channels.
  5. Click on Cancel Channel, then Confirm.

You can also cancel the Paramount Plus subscription through Amazon’s Customer Support.

Frequently Asked Questions About Canceling Paramount Plus

The following table will tackle common questions regarding the Paramount Plus service cancellation process:

Can You Cancel Paramount Plus Anytime?
Yes—you can end the Paramount Plus subscription at any point. You should have access to Paramount Plus’s services until the billing cycle ends. 
Does Paramount Plus Have a Cancellation Offer?
While the official Paramount Plus website doesn’t mention any cancellation offers, there were multiple reports of the company offering one or two-month free access to users attempting to end the service or those who’ve already ended it.
What Should You Do if You Can’t Cancel Paramount Plus?

If you encounter issues with canceling Paramount Plus, contact the subscription service’s customer support as soon as possible to avoid unwanted charges. You can do so via:

Why Canceling Subscriptions Can Be Challenging

Many companies employ various tactics to get their dissatisfied customers to retain their subscriptions. Some of these companies’ common tactics to keep their customers subscribed include making them go through unnecessarily long cancellation processes, using specific wording to guilt them into remaining a customer, or being vague about the cancellation terms.

For example, some user reviews suggest Paramount Plus may be difficult to cancel, especially if you subscribe to it via a third-party service such as Walmart Plus. Others have claimed that the company wasn’t transparent about the terms of its free trial. According to one such user, the free trial is not available to those who opt for the annual pricing model and those who’ve signed up for CBS’s services before, so they may be charged. This detail is not mentioned on the company’s pricing page, in the help center, or in the Subscription Terms.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is working toward implementing robust regulations to make service cancellations less laborious. While waiting for the lawmakers to come up with a conciliatory solution, you should take advantage of virtual cards to protect your funds the next time you purchase a subscription. 

A photo of a person typing on a laptop keyboard while holding a payment card
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How Virtual Cards Can Help Prevent Unwanted Subscription Charges

Be it a streaming platform such as Paramount Plus, HBO Max, and NFL Plus, or a productivity tool like Grammarly, Canva, and Chegg, sign up for it using a virtual card to protect your funds in case cancellation takes too long or goes awry.

Virtual cards are connected to a funding source, such as a debit card or bank account, but mask the real financial information with random card numbers at checkout. Besides protecting you in case of a data breach on the merchant’s website, virtual cards allow you to control when and how much vendors can charge you, thanks to features such as card pausing or closing and spending limits.

Privacy Virtual Cards offer those features, as well as many more, to make your online payments safer and more convenient.

Safeguard Your Funds With Privacy Virtual Cards

Privacy Virtual Cards add a protective layer around your online transactions, preventing unauthorized charges from sneaky merchants or potential hackers. Link your debit card or bank account to Privacy and use its virtual cards at your favorite subscription-based merchants that accept U.S. Visa® and Mastercard® cards, including Peloton, Spotify, and Audible

You can generate two types of Privacy Cards:

Single-Use Cards
Merchant-Locked Cards
  • These cards close minutes after the first transaction is complete

  • This makes them useful for purchases on websites you don’t plan on visiting again.

  • These cards lock to the first merchant you use them at.

  • They’re ideal for recurring payments, such as subscriptions.

Merchant-Locked Cards help you avoid unwarranted subscription charges by allowing you to pause or close them anytime without affecting your actual debit card or bank account. This feature comes in handy when you want to cancel a subscription service. Privacy will decline all charges on paused or closed cards—you can rest assured you won’t be charged while the merchant processes your cancellation request. 

You can also set spending limits on your Merchant-Locked Cards, preventing sneaky merchants from charging you more than the agreed price—any charges that exceed the limit you set will be declined.

Privacy’s Signup Process

You can get Privacy as a web extension for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. The browser extension autofills card details for you at checkout, sparing you from having to memorize card numbers and type them in manually. iPhone and iPad users can also enjoy fast and seamless checkouts with the Safari iOS extension

Privacy has a mobile app as well, available for Android and iOS, which allows you to generate and manage virtual cards on the go.

You can start using Privacy by following these four simple steps: 

  1. Create an account
  2. Enter the information required to verify your identity
  3. Link a funding source, such as your debit card or bank account
  4. Request a virtual card

Privacy’s Personal plan is free for domestic purchases and comes with 12 virtual cards a month and all the features mentioned above. The other two plans, Pro ($10/month) and Premium ($25/month), include benefits such as additional cards (up to 60 a month), priority support, and fee-free international transactions.

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