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How To Cancel Midjourney Subscription—A Definitive Guide

Ashley Ferraro, Product
Apr 12, 2024
 Min Read
Manage Your Subscription Payments With Virtual Cards

Created by Midjourney, Inc., Midjourney is a text-to-image online tool that leverages AI to create artwork based on the user's input. Users can input short text descriptions to create unique imagery, fantastic characters, and new worlds. The platform's Discord channel boasts close to 18.5 million registered users as of 2024, with about 1.5 million active at any given time.

Despite the platform's popularity, you may decide to opt out of your subscription. Whether you want to try another platform or the tool no longer interests you, this definitive guide on how to cancel your Midjourney subscription is for you. You will discover how to cancel on any device, get a refund, and ensure a smooth process overall.

The content in this guide is valid as of January 2024. Please head to the official Midjourney website or contact customer support for the most recent information.

A photo of a laptop placed on a table displaying the Midjourney website
Source: Swello

How To Cancel Midjourney—Step-by-Step Tutorial

You can cancel your Midjourney subscription at any time by following the instructions below:

  1. Go to the Midjourney website on your computer or mobile browser
  2. Log in with your Discord account.
  3. Select the Manage sub section on the left side of the screen.
  4. Click or tap the Cancel Plan button located in the Billing & Payment box.
  5. Click or tap Confirm Cancellation in the pop-up dialogue box to confirm your decision.

If successful, your cancellation request will take effect at the end of your current billing cycle. Note that you will still have access to Midjourney features such as GPU time, bulk download, and the community gallery until then. Your AI-generated images and Midjourney account page will not be deleted after canceling, and you can access them at any time you wish to reactivate your subscription.

Can You Get a Refund After Canceling Midjourney?

Yes—you can get a refund from Midjourney if you have not used more than 20 GPU minutes lifetime. If you're eligible, the refund option will appear automatically on the website when you cancel your subscription. The refund request will be processed through your linked payment card as a reversal within ten business days, so you won't see a separate transaction.

How To Delete All Data Associated With Your Midjourney Account

If you wish to permanently delete all data associated with your Midjourney account, such as your login credentials, billing information, and AI-generated images, you need to fill out a data deletion form. You will be asked for your:

  • Email address
  • Discord user ID
  • Midjourney user ID

Once you submit the form, Midjourney and their direct service providers will delete your data from their system. You should also note that if Midjourney chooses to deny your deletion request, you will be notified promptly. The company will keep your data for as long as necessary to comply with legal obligations.

An image of AI-generated art
Source: DonChef

How To Handle Challenging Subscription Cancellations

Midjourney's cancellation process is straightforward, but this is not always the case with other services. Some companies make canceling their subscriptions confusing and complicated by design to keep you subscribed for as long as possible. 

These companies may employ various deceptive tactics, such as:

  • Burying the cancellation button under a maze of pages
  • Asking you to call a customer service hotline during specific hours to cancel
  • Requiring you to send a handwritten letter through certified mail
  • Asking you to present yourself in person at a physical location to cancel 

These practices are designed to delay and frustrate you, which can lead to you getting locked into another billing cycle. The good thing is that you can avoid all these inconveniences by using Privacy Virtual Cards to pay for subscriptions be it the New York Times, LA Fitness, or Xfinity

Virtual cards are linked to a real funding source but substitute your actual financial information with random card numbers at checkout, protecting your bank account or debit card against potential misuse. These cards also protect your funds against overcharges, especially if you opt for a robust virtual card provider like Privacy.

Privacy Virtual Cards—Your Best Bet Against Sneaky Subscription Expenses

When you pay for subscriptions using Privacy Virtual Cards, your financial account is protected against unauthorized charges from:

  • Potential hackers who may get hold of your debit card information through data breaches
  • Sneaky merchants who may impose price increases without your consent
  • Accidental overcharges, such as double billing for the same month

Privacy lets you create two types of virtual cards that you can use for various online payments:

  1. Single-Use Cards
  2. Merchant-Locked Cards

Learn in the table below how these cards differ and what each is best used for:

Card Type
How They Work
Best Used For
They close automatically shortly after you complete your first transaction.
  • One-time payments on unfamiliar websites

  • Shopping on websites whose credibility you're yet to verify

These "lock" to the first merchant you use them with and can be used repeatedly at that same vendor.

Privacy Cards also allow you to set spending limits and pause or close them at any time without affecting the connected funding source. You can set a spending limit to limit overcharges from any company as Privacy will decline all transactions that exceed the amount. The card pausing or closing feature lets you concentrate on the cancellation process without the anxiety of unwelcome charges sneaking up on you during and after canceling. Privacy will block all transaction attempts on a paused or closed card. 

A close-up photo of a man holding a credit card and smartphone in his hands
Source: SHVETS production

Additional Privacy Features and Available Pricing Plans

Getting started with Privacy is easy—you only need to proceed as follows:

  1. Create an account
  2. Fill out the information required to verify your identity
  3. Connect a funding source—debit card or bank account
  4. Request and generate Privacy Virtual Cards

As a Privacy user, you'll also get access to the browser extension and mobile app to facilitate efficient payments. 

The Privacy Browser Extension auto-populates your virtual card details at checkout, saving you the time you would spend memorizing and typing in card numbers manually. You can get the extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge, as well as Safari iOS if you're on an iPhone or iPad. Once you install the Privacy mobile, which is available for iOS and Android, you can create and manage virtual cards from wherever you go.

With Privacy, you have three monthly plans at your disposal, as outlined in the table below:

Privacy Plan
Included Virtual Cards per Month
Free for domestic transactions 12
  • Access to the browser extension, web app, and mobile app

  • Ability to set spending limits and pause or close cards

  • Everything in Personal

  • Fee-free international transactions

  • Priority support

  • Ability to mask transaction info on bank statements

  • 1% cashback on eligible transactions (totaling up to $4,500 per month)

Premium $25 60
  • Everything in Pro

  • Dedicated account management

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