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Decided To Cancel Grammarly? Here’s What You Should Know

Ashley Ferraro, Product
Dec 13, 2023
 Min Read
Manage Your Subscription Payments With Virtual Cards

Grammarly is a renowned AI writing assistant, assisting over 30 million people every day in improving their communication workflows. While one of the most popular tools of its kind, Grammarly may not be the solution for everybody.

If you’ve experienced any issues with the platform or wish to try another AI writing assistant instead, use this tutorial to learn how to cancel Grammarly. This guide will break down the exact steps and provide other crucial information about the cancellation process.

Note that the content in this article is valid as of November 2023. To get the latest information, go to Grammarly’s website or contact customer support.

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How To Cancel Grammarly Premium and Business

To cancel your Grammarly subscription or free trial, take the steps presented in the table below:

Grammarly Premium
Grammarly Business
  1. Sign into your Grammarly account.

  2. Navigate to the Subscription page.

  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Cancel Subscription. If you can’t see the option, try switching to a different browser.

  4. In the pop-up window, click on Continue.

  5. Provide a cancellation reason and confirm by clicking on Cancel Subscription.

  1. Log into your Grammarly account.

  2. Go to the Subscription page.

  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Cancel Subscription.

  4. In the pop-up window, click on Yes, Continue.

  5. Provide a cancellation reason and confirm by clicking on Cancel Subscription.

If you’ve purchased the subscription via an external source, such as the App Store or Google Play, you should adhere to the respective platform’s cancellation procedure.

You can keep using the paid subscription until the end of the current billing period. Once the period ends, you’ll be transferred to the Free plan, and automatic payments will cease. You’ll still have access to all your data and documents after downgrading.

Can You Get a Refund From Grammarly?

Grammarly subscriptions are generally not refundable. Unless required by law, the company likely won’t give you back the money you prepaid for that month. 

To check your eligibility for a refund and get help with any issues that may occur during cancellation, you should complete the support form on Grammarly’s website.

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Why Use Virtual Cards To Pay for Your Grammarly or Other Subscriptions

While signing up for a subscription service typically takes a few clicks, that’s not the case with cancellation. Some companies may go out of their way to make unsubscribing difficult and trick you into continuing to pay for their service. The tactics they use range from benign, such as offering special deals and discounts, to outright malicious, such as withholding terms of membership and disregarding customers’ forms requesting cancellation.

The good news is that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is working toward implementing a rule that would require companies to make their subscription cancellation processes simple. However, as many companies continue to challenge this proposal, it may take a while for any meaningful change to happen. That’s why it’s crucial to take matters into your own hands.

One of the most effective steps you can take is to use virtual cards to pay for your subscriptions, be it an everyday necessity like Walmart, DashPass, and Peloton or a nice-to-have entertainment platform like Paramount Plus, HBO Max, and NFL Plus.

Virtual cards are connected to a real funding source but shield your financial information with random card numbers at checkout, protecting it from potential misuse. These cards can also give you more control over who can charge you and how much—especially if you opt for a comprehensive virtual card provider like Privacy.

Privacy Virtual Cards—The Key to Safer Online Purchases

Privacy is a Better Business Bureau®-accredited company that puts customer safety and satisfaction first. When you use Privacy Virtual Cards to pay, your funds and financial details are protected from unwarranted and unauthorized activity.

There are two types of virtual cards to choose from. You can learn about them in the table below:

How It Works
How To Make the Most of It
Single-Use Card
This card closes minutes after you complete the first purchase.
Use it when transacting with a merchant for the first time or if you don’t plan on purchasing from them again.
Merchant-Locked Card
This card allows charges from only one merchant and declines all other transactions.
Use it for websites you shop at frequently and your go-to subscription services.

Merchant-Locked Cards can be paused or closed in a few clicks without affecting the funding source. Because of this feature, you can avoid unwanted subscription charges while navigating the company’s complicated cancellation process.

You can also set spending limits on Merchant-Locked Cards to prevent overcharging. Privacy will decline transaction attempts on paused or closed cards and those that surpass the designated limit.

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Privacy—Secure, Accessible, and Convenient

To enhance your user experience, Privacy also offers a:

  • Browser extension—The Privacy browser extension makes payments fast and seamless. It autofills virtual card numbers at checkout, so you don’t have to reach for your wallet whenever you want to shop. You can get the extension for Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, as well as Safari iOS if you’re an iPhone or iPad user. 
  • Mobile app—Thanks to Privacy’s mobile app, which is available for Android and iOS, you can generate and manage your virtual cards on the go.

If you’re ready to start using Privacy, follow these four simple steps:

  1. Create an account
  2. Enter the information needed to verify your identity
  3. Connect a bank account or debit card
  4. Request and create your virtual cards

As Privacy Virtual Cards are issued by Visa® and Mastercard®, they can be used at most merchants and websites, including popular subscription services like Canva, Audible, and Curology

Privacy has three pricing plans. The Personal plan:

  • Is free for domestic transactions
  • Includes 12 virtual cards a month
  • Lets you set spending limits and pause/close cards
  • Gives you access to the browser extension and app

By selecting one of the other two plans, Pro ($10/month) or Premium ($25/month), you’ll get additional cards and features like priority support and fee-free international transactions.

Privacy — Seamless & Secure Online Card Payments
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